Sendero de la Cruz

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A christian community

About us

Sendero de la Cruz Christian Community is a congregation founded on the principles and values of the Bible, and on a real experience with God.

God´s love es the main source of motivation in our lives, wich must be reflected in others through our relationships, our daily actions and in the commitment to do everything possible to help the most vulnerable and needy.

The Cross is a meeting point with God for reconciliation between people and an inescapable destination for all who are in need of hope.

Sendero de la Cruz offers a place of opportunity for a new beginning towards a new horizon in which serving God and other becomes an exciting lifestyle.

Our community is an international, multicultural, family, missionary church, generous and commited to social action.

But above all, our reason for being is bases on the conviction that every human being should hace the opportunity to hear the message of the good news of the Gospel and be able to have a life-transforming experience through a personal and living encounter with Jesus.

We want to encourage you to get to know us.

Whoever you are, wherever you come from, we want to offer you a destinationdestination in our congregation.

Being Church es an experience that will give true hope, fullnes of life and a renewed meaning to your life.